Name: GET – Green Energy Technologies (Private) Limited

Founder/CEO: Dr. Azhar-ul-Haq
Business Nature:

  1.  Engineers
  2. Suppliers
  3. Designers
  4. Solution Providers.
  5. Research & Development.

Business Form: Private Limited

  1. Security Exchange Commission, Pakistan.
  2. Pakistan Engineering Council (In Progress)

Income Tax: Registered

General Sales Tax: Registered

Green Energy Technologies (Private) Limited

A trusted company to provide smart energy solutions through efficient, reliable and cost effective small scale hydro power plants and solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems across Pakistan. We are the only company with unique initiative to exploit the country’s abundant hydropower resources for small-scale (up to 1 MW) power generation through our innovative design, manufacturing and installation of run-of-river turbines. We undertake PV projects and deal with supply, engineering design, installation and maintenance of energy products such as PV panels, batteries, inverters, solar pumps, power back-up systems, UPS systems, LED and street lights, and etc. Our highly foreign qualified experts are committed to design power solutions for a broad category of residential, commercial and industrial clients. We design and install hydro and solar power systems with a flexibility to incorporate customized features to meet client’s requirements. Get your systems designed based on your own requirements with our expert team. The finest quality parts and tools are the hall marks of our company. The company has its main office in the central location of Rawalpindi.

Delivering renewable and reliable electrical energy at an affordable cost

Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Reliable Work comes with trust and We have plenty of it. Our Equipment are world-class.

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Engineering Design

A design, You cannot find anywhere else!

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Project Management Services

Experience speaks for itself. We know what we do!

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